Five Tips to Protect Your Business from the Threat of COVID-19

Five Tips to Protect Your Business from the Threat of COVID-19

As a business owner, this past year and half have been a struggle for many of us to keep our doors open.  We have suffered setbacks, supply shortages, employee turnover, and staff shortages, all while we are trying to keep our doors open for business.  A large priority of many businesses is to keep their employees and customers safe and healthy when they are in their facility.  This involves taking some necessary precautions to protect from the virus.  These are a few tips to protect your business from the negative impact of COVID-19.

Increase Your Cleaning Practices

To meet the needs of your customers and employees, you will need to enhance your cleaning practices.  Be sure that you are routinely cleaning your common areas, like elevators, lobbies, cafeterias, and stairwells.  Wiping down your high-touch surface with disinfectant is also important between each usage.  Bathrooms should also be cleaned frequently throughout the day.  When your employees and customers know that you are cleaning more frequently, they will feel more comfortable in your facility.

Reduce Your Exposure

Encourage each person that enters your facility to follow specific guidelines.  For example, you should require all your customers and employees to wear their masks properly, and you should encourage proper hand hygiene.  Hang more signs around your facility so that they are frequently reminded to sanitize and wash their hands after touching surfaces.  By doing this, you can reduce the spread of illness throughout the workplace.

Stay Home When Sick

Whenever your employees are sick, urge them to stay home.  Offering the ability to work remotely can encourage people to stay home from work when they are suffering from a cold or flu.  Even if they don't have a temperature or fever, they will still make other people uncomfortable with their coughing or sneezing symptoms.  If employees show symptoms similar to COVID-19, you should urge them to get Covid testing in Dallas, TX so that you can have the information you need to procced with any changes or modifications to keep everyone else healthy.

Implement Work-from-Home Policies if Possible

To keep some of your employees out of the workplace and minimize the crowds, consider implementing a few work-from-home policies if you have not already done so.  This will help to keep people from crowding in your office space and raising the risk of exposure.  It will also allow those who have children or immunocompromised individuals in their home as a chance to put their health and safety first.

Encourage Vaccination

Some industries have started a vaccine mandate to keep their employees vaccinated when they are in the workplace.  Although there are many different opinions about this mandate, it is important that you protect your business by encouraging vaccination for those who are eligible to receive it.  

These are a few ways that you can protect your business from the continued threat of COVID-19 and ethe negative effects that it has on many businesses.  When your employees are ill, not only is their health compromised, but so is the status of your business.  To hear more about vaccinations and Covid testing in Dallas, TX, contact us today.