What You Should Know about COVID-19 Antibody Testing

What You Should Know about COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Are you interested in learning whether you have developing antibodies to the COVID-19 virus?  Do you need to know about your antibodies for medical purposes?  Many researchers use this information to better understand the virus, since it is new and continuing to pose a threat to the entire global community.  As a center that specializes in covid testing in Dallas, TX, we provide the resources, equipment, and safety procedures to allow these tests to become possible.  Here are a few facts that you should understand about COVID-19 antibody testing.

It is Not Used to Diagnose

It is not advised to get tested for COVID-19 antibodies to prove that you have contracted the illness in the past.  Although this test can be beneficial in many ways, it is not a diagnostic tool.  These tests are used primarily for research purposes only.  

It is Used for Research

Researchers use the results from antibody tests to understand more about the virus, which allows them to educate the community on how to proceed to stay protected and vigilant against infection.  This information is also valuable in determining the scale of the pandemic.  It provides a clear picture on the fatalities, infection rates, and more at-risk populations.  Once epidemiologists gather this information, they can instruct the public health officials how to proceed in protecting their communities.

It Does Not Mean You are Immune

Although many people that test positive for antibodies to COVID-19, this does not mean that they have become immune to the disease itself.  Many people assume that because they have the antibodies, they are protected.  With many viruses, this is the case, but there is not enough information about the COVID-19 virus to say for sure.  Researchers indicate that you have likely developed some level of immunity after testing positive for antibodies, but we cannot be sure how long that will last or how immune you truly are.

It Cannot Tell You When You Were Infected

Even though antibody testing provides indication that you have been exposed to the virus in some capacity, it does not indicate the time of exposure.  Many people may have their suspicions, especially if they had similar symptoms, but there is no evidence from the test results that will provide clarity on when they became infected or exposed.

It May Be Helpful for Protecting Ill Populations

Although possessing antibodies may not provide you with full immunity, as there is not enough research to indicate that, it can allow you to help those who are ill.  Many researchers and medical experts have done research to prove whether blood transfusions from those with antibodies to those who are ill and suffering from COVID-19 can fight and recover from their illness.  This is in its early stages of research, but it may prove to be helpful in lowering fatalities.

These are just a few simple facts you should know about COVID-19 antibody testing.  If you are interested in being tested, contact us to hear about our quality COVID testing in Dallas, TX to hear more today.