What You Should Know about Covid Testing in Dallas, TX

What You Should Know about Covid Testing in Dallas, TX

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, more and more people across the world are contracting the virus.  This leads to a range of symptoms, ranging from absent to mild to fatal.  Because the disease causes such a widespread concern for mental health, you must take your health and safety seriously.  This may include getting tested if you happen to have any exposure to the virus or anyone who has contracted it.  Our facility provides quality Covid testing in Dallas, TX to keep the community informed and safe.  These are a few things you should know about Covid testing.

Who should get tested?

The answer to this question varies.  It depends on a person’s symptoms, potential exposure, and underlying risk factors.  If you are experienced symptoms of COVID-19, you are recommended to immediately isolate yourself and then contact your doctor for further instruction.  When you doctor has reason to believe that you have the virus, they may recommend you go in for a test to confirm.  Some patients that suffer from mild symptoms may never need to be tested.

Is the testing site crowded?

If you are concerned about your safety and risk of exposure at the testing site, you do not need to worry.  Although testing sites are getting more crowded, they are still implementing all the safety recommendations and following CDC guidelines inside these facilities.  We encourage you to get the COVID test you need to receive proper treatment and care.

When will I get my test results?

Because of the increase in covid testing, it is common to expect delays in test results.  If you are awaiting test results from your test, it is recommended to act as though you are infected.  This will prevent you from exposing anyone else in the event that your test comes back positive.  Taking this precaution can save lives.  If your test comes back negative, the isolation was only a mere inconvenience.

Can I get a repeat test?

Many people may get a repeat test if their first test came back negative, but their symptoms worsen.  Negative test results can indicate that they were tested too early in the infection process, and this can give you a false negative.  It is recommended that you still take the time to self-isolate when you are experiencing any COVID symptoms to prevent spread.  Also, if you have been previously tested, it is possible to still contract the virus later and require retesting.  Many people have been testing multiple times over the past year and a half of the pandemic.

By understanding more about Covid testing, you can make educated and informed decisions about how to proceed if you are exposed to the virus.  If you are looking for quality Covid testing in Dallas, TX, contact us to hear more about our procedures and testing process today.