3 Different Types of At-Home Covid Tests

3 Different Types of At-Home Covid Tests

There are various classifications of COVID-19 tests that individuals may pick from to discover if they are infected with the highly contagious virus. Our experts offer the following facts on the distinct kinds of at-home COVID testing in Dallas, TX, and when to utilize them.

At-home tests types

Rapid at-home antigen tests

The rapid at-home antigen tests catch specific viral proteins in the mucosal specimen. Timing is critical with this type of test, so attempt to take it on the day of important events or travel because that will provide you the most helpful details of whether you harbor elevated levels of the virus in your body at that moment. Antigen tests can yield outcomes in 15 minutes utilizing a nasal swab.

These tests are unrestricted for acquisition anywhere at-home tests are sold. They are swifter and less costly than PCR tests, but there is an inflated probability of false-negative outcomes. If an at-home antigen test is negative, persist wearing a face cover in shared environments or when close to unvaccinated people or individuals at high risk of complications.

If your test result is positive, you should get a lab-based PCR test completed that day or the next day to guarantee public health administrators follow the case and link you with a physician who will decide if any treatment is required.

At-home nasal swab with the lab-based PCR test

This test is similar to those utilized at a physician's office or health clinic, but you manage the nasal swab independently and ship it to a lab for examination. Utilize this test following exposure or when you start encountering symptoms of the virus. At-home tests can generally take anywhere from two to four days for outcomes due to shipping logistics. Since these examinations are PCR tests analyzed in a laboratory setting, the results maintain a higher accuracy rate than at-home antigen tests.

Saliva PCR test

This examination is equivalent to the ones utilized at the health care clinic or doctor's office. Still, you gather the saliva specimen independently and ship it off to a lab to be diagnosed. Comparable to swab tests, saliva is a sample that you can collect for polymerase chain reaction testing. In addition, spit is generally more uncomplicated ― and more relaxing ― to gather from a person than a nasopharyngeal swab. It would be best to use this test after exposure to the virus or when you start encountering symptoms. At-home tests you mail off for analysis can generally take somewhere between two to four days for results. Since the tests are PCR tests analyzed in a laboratory, the results have a more elevated accuracy rate than at-home antigen tests.

These are the at-home covid test types you have access to when you need to know if you have Covid-19. Contact us today to learn more about covid testing in Dallas, TX. We value the safety and health of our community and are here to make the testing process as easy as possible.